Services & Experience
  • Implement strategic plans in consultation with the executive branch of government
  • Develop creative strategies to enact, amend or defeat regulatory proposals
  • Develop strategies to enact, implement or defeat legislation or regulations
  • Assist businesses and not-for profit organizations to expand their influence and maximize competitive opportunities with state agencies
  • Implement strategies with the legislative branch of government including Congressional delegation
  • Provide direct lobbying in to enact, modify or defeat legislation
  • Facilitate research, drafting and tracking of specific legislation
  • Attend hearings, conferences and meetings on behalf of the client
  • Implement strategies with municipal leaders and regional planning agencies
  • Provide direct lobbying to enact, modify or defeat any local legislation, ordinance or regulation
  • Assist businesses and not-for-profit organizations to expand their influence and maximize competitive opportunities with local elected officials
  • Identify and mobilize grassroots interest groups to support legislative goals
  • Develop and implement public affairs and outreach programs
  • Facilitate bipartisan representation, coalition building and constituent mobilization
  • Issue intelligence gathering
  • Coordinate your actions to achieve a desired outcome, with strategies that are flexible and innovative and maximize your advocacy efforts
  • Provide State and Federal procurement assistance
  • Identify and assist in securing government funding sources or programs that correspond with your goals and capacities
  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships to continue to promote your product or services